Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Wsi Polskiej

Strona główna Entrepreneurship "Entrepreneurship"


EFRWP [the European Fund for the Development of Polish Villages] promotes entrepreneurship in Polish rural areas. Credits and loans offered by the Fund support initiatives aimed at encouraging people living in rural areas and small towns to start their own business, as well as to expand and streamline existing companies. Financing methods are adjusted to individual needs. EFRWP also provides entrepreneurs with consulting services.


EFRWP offers:


  • credits for agritourism and country (rural) tourism
  • microcredits for small businesses
  • credits for the development of business activities – "The Reliable Partner"
  • loans for SMEs


Who can benefit from the offer?


  • entrepreneurs
  • farmers
  • companies
  • rural and rural-urban municipalities
  • the unemployed


"Loan Guarantees Ltd."

"Loan Guarantees" is a company established by EFRWP (the European Fund for the Development of Polish Villages) in 2005, in order to increase the scope of activities run by the foundation by adding new forms of financing for small businesses. The company’s mission is to support SMEs and to create new jobs, especially in rural areas and small towns. The company focuses on loans and loan guarantees. It also provides educational, training and consulting services.


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