Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Wsi Polskiej

History of the Forum

The venue of the annual international agricultural conference -a two-day European Agricultural Forum in a new, extended version from 2018 - was not chosen at random. It is the home area of Józef Ślisz, a Rural Solidarity activist, a leader in the agrarian movement and the originator of numerous initiatives serving the Polish countryside, who supported social and political movements aimed at the development of rural areas and democracy.


The idea behind the conference originated from the meetings organised by friends and co-workers of Józef Ślisz since 2002, in order to commemorate the activity of this great Vice-Marshal of the Senate of the first and second term and a co-creator of Rural Solidarity.


Historical overview of the European Agricultural Forum



Meeting of friends and co-workers of the EFRWP Foundation in Jasionka near Rzeszów, commemorating the first anniversary of the death of Józef Ślisz.



Gradual extension of the formula of Jasionka meetings.



The first edition of the international conference on agriculture and rural areas in this part of Europe.



Conferences organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the form of discussion panels devoted to challenges faced by rural areas and agriculture on a national and European level.


The discussion panels were attended by such figures as the EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development (Dacian Ciolos in 2010-2014 and Phil Hogan in 2016-2017).



The first edition of the Józef Ślisz award, presented by the Award Committee composed of: Elżbieta Bieniasz -Józef Ślisz's daughter, Jarosław Kaczyński - Leader of Law and Justice (PiS) political party, and Artur Balazs - Chairman of the EFRWP Foundation Chapter.


The award is granted to honour organisations or persons distinguished by their commitment to the promotion of civic and democratic attitudes, as well as Christian values and the broadly understood development of rural areas.



In 2018, during the European Agricultural Forum, the Polish Society of the Righteous Among the Nations was honoured for its work in commemorating Poles helping Jews as well as spreading knowledge about the atrocities of the Holocaust and the Second World War.


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